How Your Sales Funnel Works


Sales Funnels

Designed to take a lead through to a sign-up paying customer. The theory is that you demonstrate the benefits of your offer and your credibility by a combination of videos, and follow up emails.  

All three of your funnels use this sequence through the sales process:

Squeeze (aka Welcome) page >
sign up for a video and email sequence >
sales page>
order form>
thank you page>
membership >
on-going email sequence. 

Using WordPress

The advantage of using your website for sales funnel are: 

  1. it's less confusing for customers as all pages, signups etc are from your your site rather than third party services;
  2. it's cost effective for you, and you use the tools you are already familiar with (WordPress and your email  service). 

Using MailChimp 

The email sequences are sent using Mailchimp. This allows good deliverability for emails (emails don't get blocked by spam filters), and allows you to vary sequences, send monthly updates etc. 

Landing Pages

These are just normal WP pages which are designed without the normal header so that customers have ONE way to exit the page via your call-to-action (normally a big button) to either signup for a mailing list or sign up for your offer.

Beaver Builder is the page builder used to design the pages.

Existing pages are:

1000 Days:

  1. Welcome
  2. Sales Page
  3. Order Form
  4. Thank You
  5. Account Page


  1. Welcome
  2. Sales Page
  3. Order Form
  4. Thank You
  5. Account Page

It's Love

  1. Welcome
  2. Sales Page
  3. Order Form
  4. Thank You
  5. Account Page  

Take 5 

  1. Welcome 
  2. Sales Page 
  3. Order Page
  4. Thank You
  5. Account Page

Editing Pages

The Front End Editor will allow you to make simple changes of text and images. However it's limited and if you require more complex changes then you need to use the page builder Beaver Builder. <video coming soon>

Uploading Files

Bonus (PDF) files are protected using Memberpress (for setup of rules see Setup section).

To add a new bonus to an existing funnel

MP Downloads>Files>Add New

NB - adding  at least one File Category is critical

Once the file is uploaded the next screen confirms who can access the file - this screen can also be accessed via MP Downloads>Files>Edit and can be used to change an existing PDF or change an existing PDF's access permissions. 

Email Sequences

We are using Mailchimp to manage all email marketing, and regular content updates to customers.

In order to do this you require a PAID Mailchimp account to allow for automations.

All sales funnels are under the MargotUnlimited

Merge Fields

There is a MERGE field created for each membership type. e.g. 1000days, Everyday, ItsLove .

To create a merge field

Audience>Settings>Audience fields *[MERGE}* tags

To ADD a field - select "Text" and uncheck both the required and visible boxes. Give the field a meaningful name and make a note of it - you will need it for the setup of  WordPress side of things.

Merge fields are used to manage the different email campaigns / automations.


Click on the tab below to review the type of email sequence you require

Welcome Email Sequence

Welcome email sequence 

Campaigns>All Campaigns>Edit the required campaign 

First email is triggered immediately as soon as the  merge field is set to ENQUIRY (the form on the welcome page sets this field when a lead enters their details). 

Subsequent emails are ONLY sent if the customer has not had the merge field changed to PAID indicating that they have bought the product (Active set by the Memberpress Subscription). 

Content Email Sequences

On-Going Email Sequences

Campaigns>All Campaigns

Triggered by the merge field being set to paid (triggered by Memberpress order ). First email sent immediately - subsequent emails sent after 24 hours. 

Technical Setup

This has all been done for you — however you will need to go though these steps for any NEW funnel. 

Once you have set up the key landing pages required you need to "stick the pieces together" in the back end.

Summary of steps required 

  1. Setup landing pages - including all content, images. Without the  links on CTA buttons and the order form. 
  2. Setup the required MERGE field in Mailchimp for your new funnel
  3. Setup up form to collect leads for new funnels
  4. Setup  membership subscription. 
  5. Setup up rule to protect content for new funnel
  6. Setup structure of funnel - which pages are called when 
  7. Setup order form for new funnel  
  8. Setup payment processor.

Detailed implementation

Sign Up Forms

Used on: CTA on Welcome page

Setup using:  Easy Forms.  

Which connects to the Mailchimp Welcome email sequence using the merge field XXXmembership set to ENQUIRY 


Memberpress is a plugin is used to:

  1. Provide login to for customers where they can access downloadable bonuses.
  2. Secure storage of downloadable files (ie PDFs used in bonuses)
  3. Membership triggers the ongoing email sequences in Mailchimp (sets a MC merge field to "active" for the appropriate membership.)

Memberpress Subscriptions

Create a new subscription

Memberpress>Memberships>Add new

Most boxes are left unchecked - payment and thank you page  is done via Upsell (see below), emails are delivered via Mailchimp (see email tab) 

PDF Downloads  for Bonuses

In order to protect your bonuses from unauthorized access we use Memberpress and MP Download plugins.

Add new Memberpress rule


Rules are setup to only allow files with the appropriate File Category to be visible with members with the matching subscription type e.g.

See the Landing Pages tab to review how to upload  protected files.

You may have to add the category to MP Downloads>Categories>New 


This plugin controls most of the funnel behaviour including price. The behaviour of CTA buttons on this page are controlled with a plugin called Upsell to create the use signup form, take payment, offer upsales and downsales on offer, and to confirm enrollment in the course.

Your funnels are setup as follows:

Upsell>Products>Add (or Edit) Product

Each funnel is a separate product. For each main tab in the plugin I've included an explanation below:


Product Price: change price here will change the price charged on the order form - however you will still need to update the sales and order pages for other use of the current price.

Product Type: this is physical UNLESS you are selling entirely downloadable items ONLY.

Payment Type: single - one off payment (subscription is an option here - will only work with some payment processors e.g. Stripe).

Header & Footer

Not used

URL Options

Used to redirect the purchaser to your  Thank You page - enter URL here.

Button Shortcodes

Not used

Order Bump

Used for upsales

Checkout Settings

Set account creation to YES

Each funnel has a unique checkout page - these settings connect the order form page for this membership with the funnel.

Select the correct check out page for the funnel.

Cut and paste the short code and add this to the check out page

Note display options to change the look of the checkout form and fields displayed are available here.

Email Marketing
2-Step Email Marketing 

Not used. 

Payment Processing 

Upsell>Settings>Payment Gateways 

To switch between live and test mode for Paypal or Stripe.

General video on setting up Upsell from the plugin's creator:

Customer Management

Customer information can be accessed in a number of places. 

Upsell>Orders show status of payment and payment method 

Memberpress>Members provides the definitive list of members, how many subscriptions they have and their latest logins. 

Subscribers to the weclome email sequence and paid customers can be found in Mailchimp - Audience.