I will help you connect with the Universe to find the answers and guidance you have been seeking...

with the most amazing clarity!

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From: Margôt De Cotesworth
I'm a published author and I have been writing and teaching for a decade on this subject. I've been on a quest my whole life to discover Who We Really Are and how to best make life work for us. These messages are The Universe's response to that.

Every day, for 1000 Days, The Universe will be speaking to you. A message will arrive in your inbox that will connect you to the Source of All. You will receive, guidance and the answers you've been searching for! You will discover what your part in this dance of life should be and you'll be rewarded with a new clarity and understanding.

A 1000 Day program delivering transformational emails on a daily basis (Value = $1997)

Every day, for 1000 Days an insightful, direct message from The Universe will be delivered to your inbox. These messages will guide your life and help you to see how you can truly live the life you were designed to. They will teach you to recognise That Voice.

You'll gain new clarity and peace of mind.

You'll discover a connection to the Universe that will help you understand who you really are.

You'll begin to live the life life you are truly designed for.

Access To Our Forum and Community ($297)

You will have the opportunity to connect with like minded Seekers so you have the support you are looking for.  You'll have a platform to further discuss what you are discovering and how to implement this new understanding. There will be monthly feedback from the Universe on matters that arise from this forum.

If it takes 3 weeks to change a habit, just think what progress you will make with constant, daily input from the Universe. You can share this journey with other Seekers

Connecting with others on the same transformational path will encourage and support you in your personal growth.

Early Access Videos $257

In these videos we will explore this amazing information The Universe has for you

These videos will cover some of the background of this amazing line of communication from The Universe.

You'll see how The Universe has addressed some of the questions we all have.

You'll hear me speak these messages so you'll get the nuances that allow for a deeper understanding of what The Universe wants to say.

Monthly Q&A ($297)

You will be part of a private group where I will address and answer any questions you may have.

This private group where you can receive feedback on the things you want to know.

You'll be able to seek further clarification on anything that's been a sticking point for you.

You'll be sharing this group with others who are seeking the same answers you are.

BONUS: The Little ebook of Imaginings ($27)

These are 50 powerful declarations and affirmations for you to transform your life.

This little ebook contains treasures that you can use to infuse your life with the wisdom you seek.

You can write these out, record them, post them as notes or write them on your walls!

BONUS: The Fable about The Seekers ($17)

This little tale highlights our quest for more understanding of our place in the scheme of things.

This little ebook is a story about discovering our true potential.

You can discover where the real power lies and how that can change the way you live and the quality of life you experience.

BONUS: An Introduction and easy guide to The Power of Meditation. ($57)

This introduction and guide to The Power of Meditation will be one that will uplift and refocus you every time you use it.
It will help you to manage your state and achieve a new calm and clarity in your life

This simple guide will benefit you mentally, emotionally and practically.

You can use these meditations morning and night to set the tone of your day and to take back your own power.

​And you can use them as a rescue remedy when you feel challenged or under pressure.


This is just a little of the feedback from those who have received The Universe for 1000 Days to date and experienced its impact on their lives. Now you, also, can be on the receiving end of what the Universe has to say to you!

From a Recipient of a personal message

“Oh my goodness Margôt... YES!
These words ring through my body and arrived like a prayer at 5.55.
Thank you so much for sharing with me...
It is a huge heart expanding journey for me at present... and these
words a beautiful confirmation.” — Response from a recipient of a Message on 23 January


From Martin Thomas - Author and Visionary

I have read practically all the messages Margôt has received. They are powerful and insightful. I have always been amazed (but never surprised) that the number of words in each message and the meaning of those numbers confirms exactly what the Universe is saying. My response is, invariably, "fantastic!"


The 1000 Day Program of Messages From The Universe

A 1000 Day program delivering transformational emails on a daily basis (Value = $1997)

BONUS: Access to our Community Forum ($297)

BONUS: Early access to videos ($257)

BONUS: Monthly Q & A ($297)

​BONUS:The Fable of The Seekers - our quest for more understanding of our place in the scheme of things. ($17)

BONUS: The Little Ebook of Imaginings - 50 powerful declarations and affirmations for you to transform your life. ($27)

BONUS: Introduction and Easy Guide to The Power of Meditation. ($57)

Total Value over US$2949

All for the amazing price of


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