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We will show you how you can you the thoughts you think and the words you use to change your life, for good.

At Margot Unlimited we are passionately committed to providing the very finest service and consistently strive for the  best in all we do for you.

This is our guarantee.

Every day, for a whole year we will deliver a message that will direct and guide you to radically improve the quality of your life. We'll explain how managing how you think, speak and act will turn your life around.

Words create your reality. Take My Word For It - Everyday will guide you through the process of transforming your life with the power of positive words 

Take My Word For It - Everyday, will deliver powerful, tranformational words, daily, that will change the quality of your life. We'll show you how these words will guide and help you create amazing change for good in your world.

We'll explore this powerful philosophy of how we can change our lives and the world we live in by the words we choose to use. 

What we think leads to what we say which has a boomerang effect. We'll show you how to make the principle work in your favour.

Reset Your Mind Report  

This report will help you assess where you are so you can get to where you want to be.

It will help you bridge the gap from what isn't working in your life to living the life you really want.

It will help you understand what it means to reset you mind and show you how to begin the process of transformation.

Words can work like magic. They have power and we will show you how to use that power to live life on your terms.

Ask Margôt 

This your opportunity to ask any question of me on any subject that concerns you. It's a private, members only group and you're invited.

Positivity Checklist

Get yourself set up before beginning your Everyday adventure

Monthly Video Musing

An exclusive message for members sent to you each month.



This is just a sample of what some have to say about Take My Word For It - Everyday and the impact it has had on their lives. 

From Aston Christie

“If you want to read life changing stuff, then this is for you. Even if you know the principle behind positive thinking, it can be hard to put it  into practice and see it work. Take My Word  For It - Everyday couldn't make it easier. It has change my way of thinking, and I can see its magic working all the time. Everyone should receive this. I love it."

Aston Christie, Artist and Creative

From Shar White

“What a great way to start my day! What wonderful words and meanings! It only takes a moment or two to read and absorb, then contemplate and meditate.”

Shar White, Adventurer and Free Spirit

From Martin Thomas

“I've always believed in the power of my thoughts and imagination. Because thoughts are energy, what we say will always reflect our inner world. If you are already on your way to setting a pattern of focused positivity, Take My Word For It - Everyday is a rich source to continue channelling better energy in your life. It is transformational.”

Martin Thomas, Author of A Slice of Heaven

Take My Word For It - Everyday. A year of transformational guidance.

A year long program that will guide you through the process of transforming your life through the power of positive words

Positivity checklist

Rest Your Mind Report. How to identify where you are, so you can get to where you really want to be

Ask Margôt - one spot to ask about the things that concern you

Monthly Musings - a video message delivered to you every month

All for just a dollar a day

$365 or $30.50 monthly

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©2022 Margot Unlimited ● All rights reserved ● Terms & ConditionsPrivacy Policy ● Site by Dear John