Thank you so much for joining me, I know you're going to benefit enormously from this exciting program. - Margôt

Hello and welcome to the most fantastic journey that you’ve elected to join me on.

I am so excited that you are here today and I look forward to connecting in our private Facebook Group and in our monthly Q & A calls where we can cover and discover even more.

I have kept aside a few of the most special messages I’ve received about this adventure we’re embarking on and I want to share them with you as you now join me for The Universe For 1000 Days Program.

I know they’ll resonate with you and encourage you as you step into a place of divine connection with your Source, a place where you’ll begin to recognise the Voice you’ve always been wanting to hear.

Five messages follow:-

Could you grasp that I am in fact a Being but not a being in the sense you have thought of it. Can you grasp that I am a Being, and an essence, and the Universe, and God, and friend, and Father, and brother, and, and, and, and ... Infinite. In every conceivable way. Now you've got it. You thought you had to choose one and, latterly, you chose ‘Universe’ because it seemed the most expansive and inclusive definition to you. But I Am, by nature expansive and inclusive. Whatever you call Me, however you think of me, I Am what I Am and your perception (or limitation of Me) will not change that one bit. However you attempt to define Me, you cannot because I Am by definition, indefinable. Defining is to limit.”

“I have told you before these words are not platitudes, they are not designed to numb you, they are designed to sharpen you, to allow you to see all that is available to you on a momentary, daily and eternal basis. That's what they're for. And, if you like, you can 'hold Me to them' because I never say anything idle. Never. If you expect purity, you'll get purity. If you expect fulfilment, you'll get fulfilment, if you expect it all…”

“These words are words of life, they are messages from Me, they are hope and light and life. They renew, revive and encourage. They are a gift. They will feed your soul if you allow them to. Let them in, let them penetrate and infiltrate your thinking and your imagination. They are transformational.”

“I have a gift for you. It is a gift that is mutli-faceted, multi-dimensional. It’s rich and full of color and life. I have been preparing it for you and it is wrapped and ready for you to open. It’s very exciting. It’s the gift of a lifetime.”

“These words will never catch you out. Only lies catch people out. The truth cannot be contradicted no matter how many words you receive on the matter. Do you see that? That's magic in itself. Expand your thinking. Accept your truth and you will walk in it."

Till soon - Margôt.


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