The Ball’s In Your Court

The Ball's In Your CourtOur world has been shaken up and it’s reverberating. Let’s face it, the ball’s in our court. It’s time for change, change that starts in the most eastern part of the world, where the day first begins, and flows around the globe, every day, like a Mexican Wave. I’m in New Zealand — where we’ve got a head start 🙂 hence

Can you imagine the cumulative effect of a world where every day, everybody does one thing to make a change for good? You choose the thing that suits you. You might put a plant or a seed in the ground, you might recycle, or pick up some rubbish, or phone someone who is alone, you might share your plenty, or just share from what you have, you might help someone carry a load (physical, mental, emotional), you might just smile at someone who looks like they need it. No judgement and not telling anyone else what to do. They can choose for themselves. That’s the spirit of what this movement is about.

There are millions and millions — billions of us. The incredible, cumulative effect of all of us doing one good thing for one day would be spectacular. And then if we could do it again the next day and the following day? We would turn the world around.

We would all be looking for what our One Good Thing thing for the day would be. Can you imagine millions of people looking for something good to do? It’s a wildly fantastic thought!

Think of it like a ball. I have thrown the ball to you and you have caught it. You’re on. Now, toss it to someone else and they’ll pass it on. When you do your good deed, it’ll remind you to tell another person about this so they understand and join the ‘wave’ too. This could start now and catch on like wildfire if we believe that together we can make a significant change for good, for each other and our planet.

For purposes of inspiration, we would love to give you the opportunity to collate ideas for One Good Thing and to see how our numbers grow. We also have a Facebook community so you can connect with others if you wish. We’d like to share your ideas for good. (One proviso for this is that we only say positive things. It’s not a platform for anything else. This is about doing what’s right, not airing what’s wrong. Let’s stay on mission. Let’s not drop the ball.

Remember this is not about making money but it is about spreading the word. Please send us your name and email, your location in the world and your first idea for One Good Thing. We might occasionally let you know how our numbers are growing or some other fabulous thing that’s happened like the funding of billboards to spread this message. Imagine billboards in every city for The Ball’s In Your Court.

This initiative is not for profit. We’ll only need to cover basic admin costs. If you’d like to contribute let us know. Every cent will be tracked in its quest to get this message out and accounts will be made available. Any contributions will go towards spreading the message.

The Ball’s In Your Court. Pass it on. Share this email to all your contacts if you dare/if you care. And please click here so you can add your name to this. (We won’t be sharing that info with anyone.)

Thank you. Let’s do some amazing good, together, starting now. We’re Changing The World For Good.

One Good Thing, Everyone, Every day.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

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