Tell A Different Story

I’ve always loved the quote from The Blues Brothers – “We’re on a mission from God”.

That is what I’m on.

There is a lot of chat these days about the law of attraction – what it means and how it works. We are beginning to see that we are much more responsible for our lives and outcomes than we thought. We have the power to create and change things but we’ve really never realised it and mostly, we just don’t know how to do it.

There is change in the air. Global awareness is growing and expanding all the time. My mission – and I have chosen to accept it 🙂 – is to bring you the message that we all need to hear.

Tell a Different Story cover

Tell A Different Story is the way we will make a change for good. We can change our own lives  and we can be a part of the ripple effect for good in our world.

Read this tiny book now. It’s a quick read – just a few pages and It’s free. Click here for access and we will email it to you.

A big part of this mission is to give this tiny book away to one million people and in order to do that we have to start counting now. Add yourself to our numbers so we can reach our goal. Please don’t share the book or we will lose count but send the link for people to receive their own copy. That way we can keep track. We respect your email address and will not mess with it but, once we hit our million target, we hope to send you the next little book which will take us even further to changing the world for good.

If we began with just 10 people who each added another person to download this book, every day, we would reach over a million people in just 18 days. Imagine that!

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