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Transformational Power – Take Control Of Your Life

Transformational Power – Take Control Of Your Life Do you ever feel your life is completely out of control? Do you ever wonder if you can really make of it what you’d like? I think we all know how that feels. It’s a slightly sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. It’s time to…
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Transform Yourself – And Your Life.

Welcome to Take My Word For It – Everyday where you’ll discover how positive words can transform your life. A word like ABIDE for example which means To continue in a particular condition, attitude, relationship; to act in accord with. Once your decision has been made to abandon yourself to this new, positive way of…
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Success In Life – How To Accomplish What You Want

Hello I’m Margôt de Cotesworth. Welcome to Take My Word For It – Everyday where you can transform your world with the power of positive words.  ACCOMPLISH  It’s such a definitive sounding word. It means To bring to its goal or conclusion, carry out, perform, finish, complete, fulfil, succeed in doing, bring to pass, reach…
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Positive Change – How To Achieve A Different Outcome

If you feel that in your relationships – (and that’s really what life’s all about – our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with others) that you feel like you are rerunning the same negative script, try changing it.  Before you meet or speak to the person who you expect conflict from or an unsatisfactory…
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Positive Change – Why You Shouldn’t Give As Good As You Get

The phrase ‘give as good as you get’ is such an interesting one. We know it means to hit back with equal force but isn’t it interesting that we use the word “good” in such a way – a completely negative way.  What I do want to say about this phrase is that it is…
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Powerful Words – If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

Powerful Words – If you can’t say something nice…don’t say anything at all.  That’s a quote from a cartoon from way back. I don’t know if Thumper was the first to say that but we all seem to know the quote and what it’s trying to say to us. This is step one in the…
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The Transformational Power of Positive Words

 At Margot Unlimited we are dedicated to providing a constant and unstoppable stream of unlimited inspiration in life for you.  Take My Word For It – Everyday is where we plan to turn the world around with positive, powerful words. This is not about achieving the impossible, it’s about actively creating a better world by…
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Take My Word For It – Everyday

It’s a very exciting and creative time at Margot Unlimited. Take My Word for it – It’s Unlimited has become The Universe For 1000 Days and we have the most wonderful program being launched to bring these daily Universal Messages to you. Click on The Universe For 1000 Days tab to find more info and…
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