Seekers 6

Who is the real you?

Sometimes we look at ourselves and we can’t quite see who the real us is. Are we the person of our five senses. Or are we our other less defined senses? Is there an essence that transcends all the mortal and physical aspects? Where do personality, nature and nurture fit in? Where do we begin and end? In short, what is the most accurate definition of who we really are?

This is wonderful way to figure that out even if you are not a person who particularly thinks about the existential meaning of life. It is also a great way to detach if you are feeling under pressure. It’s a way of unhooking anything unwanted from the real you. 

I want you to imagine you have a large clear plastic bag. Into that bag put how you look – your body, all of it, with it’s desirable and not so desirable parts. Your health and wellbeing will go into the bag too. Pop all your upbringing in there along with your attitudes and philosophies, your opinions, judgements and prejudices. Put your friends and family in there and your work. Put your dreams and aspirations, your disappointments, successes and heartbreak in. Put all your defining relationships in. Put in the things that light you up, that you love and also the ones you can’t abide. (I never like to use the word hate – it’s such a dismissive, immovable word). Put your dog and cat in there. Everything but everything goes in the bag. Have you done that? Right, now close the clever zip thing on the bag and have a look at it. All you think about yourself is in that bag. Every possible way you identify yourself is in that bag in your hand. 

Where are you?

You, the real, true, endless you is ‘one’ holding the bag. That’s the real you.