What’s Your Cover Story…? –  Imposter Syndrome exposed. 


When I heard this phrase recently, it struck me that we all have a kind of cover story – that face we present to the world. It may be one of being smart or quick witted, being in control or super confident. 

In fact it seems that 70% of us are not at all as confident as we want to be or are expected to be. 70% of us wear the label of Imposter Syndrome. I have an absolute aversion to the term and concept of “suffer from…” So I will never say “suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Those words never leave my mouth because they identify us as sufferers and victims. What a vile concept for any human being. I have pulled the idea back to “wearing the label of” because we can take that label off. “Suffering” as an identifier seems somehow to infuse itself into us. 

So, this label of Imposter Syndrome that pervades and undermines our sense of self is clearly trying to take over and must be stopped. 

I have done a little research. If you look online – a simple search will reveal how to identify Imposter Syndrome, how to live with it, predictors and prevalence of Imposter Syndrome, how to mitigate the effects of Imposter Syndrome. I despair that we expect so little and accept so much that we don’t want. Why doesn’t anyone say “Get rid of Imposter Syndrome”?

We are well overdue for putting our foot down and saying “no more!” to the ‘labels’ in life that so many of us are living with. We are living with anxiety (and don’t expect it to leave anytime soon) we own depression by calling it “my depression”. We have dumbed ourselves down and accepted so little when we are worth so much.

This may sound unfeeling and cruel even but I can no longer sit by and watch people become shadows of the incredible human beings we all actually are designed to be. I say “enough!” to any and all labels that do not serve us, encourage us, uplift us and, most importantly, acknowledge who we really are. We are amazing, multi talented, creative, smart beings and we need to acknowledge and affirm that in ourselves and each other.

I do know why we have become dumbed down. It’s because we think there isn’t actually a way out. But just because 70% of people haven’t found it yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I like to use the analogy of a blind man who says there is no sun. Despite what the blind man thinks, the sun never fails to rise and shine. 

There is way out of the undesirable. We must go to our subconscious to find out why the label (any label) is there and then we must address it, reframe it and be free from it. Imposter be damned. Bring on the transformation.

Our subconscious mind holds the keys to what has triggered the beliefs that hold us back. And, in an effort to protect or prioritize us, our subconscious has built a blueprint around that erroneous belief, creating blocks and looping thoughts that limit us, despite our best efforts to be done with them. Most of us don’t even realise this game is playing out behind the scenes in our lives. You just can’t fix something you haven’t seen and don’t understand.

In my life as a writer, coach and therapist, I see people remain stuck in the confines of limiting belief about themselves. They keep dating the same type of person who isn’t good for them, they can’t break through barriers in their job or with money. They keep having the same issues and struggles because they don’t know how to change it. Imposter syndrome is a fixable issue. You can un-doubt yourself. You can reprogram your mind for success and confidence. Imagine the power of doing your best work and never doubting that’s what you have to offer and that you are absolutely the best person to offer it.

We have a habit of applying salve to things so they settle down. We take a break, we take a pill, we change our circumstance (job, mate, abode) – but none of this sticks because we simply must fix our issues at a subconscious level. The answer is to find out why they are there, address them and reset the thinking around them.

Then you can be free.