Your Spiritual Journey – Money Is An Amplifier

Today’s Topic is Your Spiritual Journey – Money Is An Amplifier

I have been looking at the world at the moment and wondering, like everyone, about the changes that are happening and the meaning for and behind them. 

I have a theory that money acts as an amplifier. Whatever someone is without money, they will be more of, with money. For example a generous, caring person who doesn’t have much will give from the little they have and demonstrate their caring in any way they can within their means. When they have money, they will give more and care from their greater resources. 

Likewise, a miserable person will simply become a richer, more miserable person and spread that misery a bit further and with a bit more oomph. 

Money is a tool and a wonderful resource but we get to decide how we will use it. It will amplify who we really are. 

At the moment, you could say many of us have felt we’ve been living in a world in crisis. That puts pressure on us and we will behave in a more amplified way accordingly. Those who have faith that good will result, will trot out some more of that faith. Those who live with fear, will have more of that whirling around. Those who think of others, will be busily thinking of others.

This is a good time to look closely at ourselves, observe our reactions to plenty or to pressure and make changes accordingly to how we think and how we behave. 

If you see something in yourself that doesn’t please you – bravo for looking. Stay with us because the Universe For 1000 Days is all about seeing clearly then knowing what to do about it and how to do it. Read some more of these blogs, watch the videos, join the program. Personally, I think to have 1000 Days of the Universe speaking to us is pretty spectacular.

Thank you for your time.