Why It Sometimes Looks Like The Law Of Attraction Isn’t Working

This is the subject I am presented with today. Not one I really would have picked. The words “isn’t working” are banned from my vocab because we only say positive things!

Nevertheless, I did think ooh what kind of feedback would I get from the Universe if I presented this subject. I want to say that I never seek a message from the Universe if I’m not in a good space. The reason for that is that I just don’t think I’m in the right place to receive if I’m feeling off. It isn’t that I don’t go with a complaint – I do do that sometimes. I just don’t do it if I’m coming from an out of alignment sort of mood.

But I digress. Let’s see what’s to be said about this:

“Dear ones the only thing ever that isn’t working is you. And in your heart, you know that. If something is off, if something isn’t working the source of that must be found in you. Of course that doesn’t mean other people are not doing things that are out of harmony or that dramatic things aren’t happening in the world because of a collective energy. What it does mean is that you must never think that your life ‘isn’t working’ because of something outside of you. You must look at yourself and address everything there, first. Here’s a way to look at it that may help. If you hand someone something and they decline to take it from you, who is holding it? Yes, you. So you must always give what you would want to receive. If you give less than that, you may well be left holding onto it. You know I am not talking about tangible gifts here. If you give criticism – it will come back to you. If you give small, you will receive small. If you give uncharitably, you will receive the same. That’s Universal Law. The simple response to this topic of yours is it may look like the law of attraction isn’t working but I can tell you now, it is. And it is working every single time about every single thing. Think on that. Then have a look at yourself and ask what you are not seeing. The answer is always there. You just don’t always see it because you aren’t asking yourself the question.”