What Is The Universe Saying To You Today

Today’s topic What Is The Universe Saying To You Today.  It’s very important to me that  these messages from The Universe are delivered to you in an untouched way so I have been reluctant to add my two cents and to deliver video with lots of my personal opinion in it. I would like nothing more than just to read the messages I’ve received on a subject that you are interested in so I’m going to take the subject of the video and go directly to see what the Universe has to say about than scan through the messages I already have to match up the subject.  

“I have told you that this life you live is designed to be one of ease and grace I have told you that you need not worry or be concerned about things that are not yours to worry about,  or concern yourself with. You are here to live this life with joy, with delight, with success – however it is that you, yourself, see success. Your life would immediately become lighter, happier and easier if you realized you need not be concerned with someone else’s ‘stuff’, just your own. You need to be very selective about what you want in your personal world and in your life and fix on only that. Leave the past behind. Leave others to sort their own life. Just work on and with the inner you. That’s the answer to everything – to your power, to your understanding, to your joy. It is all right there in one spot – inside you. It doesn’t rest with other people or another person. It doesn’t rest with the things you have or even what you achieve. It just rests with the You of you.”

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