Use Your Personal Power To Create Your Life

Use Your Personal Power to Create Your Life

When I think about these messages from the Universe, I am filled with such an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing. I can see the strong threads of encouragement that flow through them. This message is especially one of those.

Today’s topic is Use Your Personal Power to Create Your Life. Sounds like a directive from The Universe to me. Here’s what I’ve received from the Universe on the subject.

“You think this sounds like a directive. You are right, it may just as well be. Let’s look at that topic shall we? You see those words ‘Your Personal Power’. They are 3 magical words when combined. The best kind of power is personal.  And it is yours. Once you understand that, you can walk tall and straight because no one can ever challenge that, or access it, or remove it from you. It is your divine right to own that power. It is your energy source. It is your life blood to create what you want from this life you have chosen to live. This life is a gift to you but it was also your choice to live it, to inhabit it.  Your part in all this…? To take up your personal power and create with it!”

Wow. Don’t you love this? Don’t you get the feeling that the Universe is entirely and absolutely pro us? What an opportunity we have to do great things with our lives.

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