Unlimited Potential – Really?

Forgive me for saying “really” but I think some levity is good for us. I’m going say “yes, really!” but let’s see what The Universe has to say.

“You live, totally and absolutely, with unlimited potential but there is a proviso. Like everything we talk about – if you do not see yourself as having that potential, it will make no difference that I say so, or that others tell you that you do. Only you can know and see and believe and then walk in it. You can only be a being of unlimited potential if you see yourself as such. You have so much power – you just need to believe you do.”

I don’t really need to say anything more do I, but if this resonates with you, I do encourage you to read more of these blogs. You’ll see the words in italics are the Messages, the rest is me. There is an enormous and rich resource of Universal thought in the body of messages that come with my It’s Unlimited program. If you would like this wisdom delivered straight to your inbox everyday, click on the link wherever you see one and you’ll be a part of this exciting, life-changing interchange. These messages are empowering, affirming, directional and encouraging. I see them as God’s gift to us.