Universal Law – There’s Plenty More Where That Came From

Today’s subject is Universal Law and the follow up thought is There’s Plenty More Where That came from. I love this subject. It’s very me. It’s a conversation stopper to say There’s Plenty More Where That came from especially in relation to money. People have very mixed responses to such a comment – sometimes quite indignant. Actually if you hear that and you feel your temperature rise it is perhaps time to reassess how you feel about money and the Universe’s unlimited resources. Just a bit of a challenge to us all. There is a lot of money around just perhaps not quite where we want it at the time we’d like it to be there. Perhaps it would help us to think of all resources of any kind belonging to the Universe and focus on that as our source. My opinion. Let’s see what the Universe has to say.

There is much to say on this subject but the lightheartedness behind the comment ‘there’s plenty more where that came from’ is such a healthy attitude. Be light about money. Be light about ownership. Be light about flow because it’s not about ownership, it’s all about flow. See yourself in a constant flow of receiving and giving. Open yourself up, not just to receive what you want but to be a giver of what is wanted. Be a mini Me. Emulate Me. I am a giver and a receiver. I am the very definition of Universal Flow. I Am. And because I Am, you are. Jesus said follow me. Do you think He meant to trail after Him physically or do you think He meant to emulate Him? So, to experience the plenty of more from where it comes from, do what I do, be who I Am, flow like I flow. 

Fantastic! I’ll say no more. I love this and I am honoured to be a part of it. 

(By the way “the plenty of more” is not a typo. That’s how the message is meant to be).