Universal Law And Living By The Law Of Return.

Today we are going to talk about Universal Law and Living by the Law of Return.

This way of taking a subject for these little blogs and then seeking God’s perspective on it is so exciting for me. I just want to take a moment to talk about terms of endearment. Whatever you want to call the Universe is fine. Names are not important. Truth is. I have been a God Girl from the beginning of my life so I’m incredibly comfortable with the word God. My concept of God is positively Universal (pun intended). I may use that name from time to time. In my private inner chat with the Universe, I use an even more intimate one. You may too. Don’t ever get hung up on the name. If you are a God person, don’t be concerned that I mostly say The Universe. If you are a Universal person, don’t be bothered by the word God. I had the most spectacular message once about this subject and I was told that the Divine  (insert your term) is everything, all and every single one of those terms. There is nothing that it/He isn’t. That message will be in the It’s Unlimited program by the way. Ok let’s see what God has to say today.

“There is a perfect rhythm in Living by the Law of Return. A sweet harmony. A balance that you were designed for. Change your thinking a little. Instead of thinking about what you want to gain, think for a while simply of what you want to give. You will find this exercise to be quite enlightening. Take some time in your process of collecting good things to think simply of giving and sharing good things. It will open several doors – one to your heart and one to the place you can freely receive from. It may open doors you didn’t even know were there for you. Doors to Who You Really Are.”

I had no idea that’s what I’d be writing. It’s great. Let’s open our doors!

Open a door today and join us at It’s Unlimited every day.