The Law Of Attraction For Dummies

The Law of Attraction for Dummies

When I said that I thought the subject for this chat should be the Law of Attraction For Dummies I did so because I don’t think it’s good not to be too serious all the time. I am playing a bit when I say that but the concept of the Law of Attraction is a very simple one and I want to read two Universal messages to you that talk about our evolution in terms of what we are attracting. So when you are applying the Law of Attraction to your life and throughout your life you approach it differently, that is what these  messages are about.

“When you wonder why you want the things you want remember it all comes from Me. Your dreams and aspirations, your ideals and lofty expectations – they don’t come from anywhere that’s not good. It’s all good. Just be sure to always remain open because this is an ongoing journey and you are becoming all the time. So it’s a developmental process and there are always tweeks and turns. You are never at the end of it so nothing is ever really finite.”

And to follow that 

“As you finally tune your desires and grow in what you know and want, you will find many things you thought you once wanted are no longer desirable to you. This is the evolution of you. This is good, this process will take you where you are destined to be. Follow it without regret. As you seek the things of the heart, the things of the world will also be added to you but they’ll have become a bonus not a focus”

I really love that. The unfolding of that is like the verse in the Bible that says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God of all these things shall be added unto you”. That’s the same principle, the same message. I’m often struck by the same message, different messengers. I like the fact too that in these messages it often talks about being open because we frequently start with very fixed ideas about something and then when life comes into play we change or soften or turn direction slightly. 

So it’s a good thing to relax and allow ourselves to evolve and to learn and to grow and in that we see this dance we have with the Universe which is exactly how our lives are designed to be. 

Food for thought. 

Thank you very much for your time.