Spiritual Guidance – If This Is Your Question, I Have The Answer

Today’s topic is Spiritual Guidance – If this is your question, I have the answer

All my life I have been on a quest to know what life is all about. Are we really limited by natural laws? Is it all random or just about dumb luck? I don’t think so. I have searched for nuggets of truth since I was a girl that might hand me the string that would lead me on a path to really getting it – really understanding who I am and what I am capable of doing in this life. I can say with all humility and unlimited gratitude that I have found that string and it’s led me to a place where I have got above the clouds and the view is spectacularly clear!

So, I can unreservedly say that if you have been searching for truth and to make sense of your existence here, to really know if you can fly (metaphorically) then you will find your answers here. I’ll help every day and you’ll learn to recognise that still, small, clear voice. It’s kind of like this is an opportunity to get to know God’s voice so you can recognise it about all the other clamouring voices we have around and within us. 

Let’s ask about finding spiritual guidance shall we?

“There is a wonderful simplicity in this. You all know that it’s been said – ask and you shall receive. If you want the answer, first ask the question. Finding spiritual guidance is as simple as that. Just ask. But be sure when you ask that you fully believe that the answers are yours to have. If you do not believe, you cannot have. It requires faith. You must come from a place of confidence in knowing – that you have a right to ask and a right to have your answers and that the answers are always there for you. I want you to understand how simple it should all be for you. Choose simple and you will have your guidance.”