Spiritual Guidance. How To Find The Path That’s Right For You

Spiritual Guidance. How To Find The Path That’s Right For You.

Or – my subtext – Shall We Dance?

“What is good for someone else is not necessarily what is right or good for you and vice versa of course. You can pick and choose what you want in your life. You know that that is your right. It’s also good if you allow for Universal adjustments as you know that that is the best way for you to get from A to B and the best way for you to find the path that suits you. It’s not unlike a relationship – not necessarily perfect but perfect for you. “

I got that message from The Universe this morning when I was thinking about things I want that haven’t yet become come to pass. If they had I can see now that it might not have been the best thing for me. I’m not a believer in abdicating responsibility and saying oh well God knows best and He’s pulling the strings. I do think though that The Universe or God knows everything and we know some things and can only see some things. The current world situation for example. Some may have been tuned in enough to see that coming. Most of us did not. My question is, if we have handed final the say in our lives to The Universe when we ask for things and we add ‘this or something better’ then we have to smile at everything that happens because we have faith that if something doesn’t happen in our desired time frame or at all for that matter, it is because The Universe in leading on the dance floor. I don’t like to lead when I’m dancing with a man and, certainly, if anyone is going to be leading in this dance of life, I most definitely want it to be The Universe.