Powerful Words – The Universe And The Virus.

Someone asked me to ask The Universe about the current world situation with the virus. This is what I received.

“The world has created what is now manifesting. This is not something that has arrived from outside yourselves. You have called it in. On one level it’s been because you have dreamt up such a scenario and you know very well that’s how this world of attraction works. But on a deeper level you have, more importantly, called in a shaking and sifting of your modus operandi and your way of being with each other. You have wanted a clean up and clean out of your priorities and focus. You tried with small things like single use plastic because you knew you had to do things differently. That change was indicative but it wasn’t enough to tip things. So this arrived to shake, sift and tip. It’s an opportunity for all of you to be more of the people you are really meant to be, living more of the life you are really designed to live. You called it to yourselves.”

I see no condemnation whatsoever in this Message. There is never any of that in these messages. They just state how things are, why they are so and what to do about them. I suggest you listen to the video below as well. Sometimes there is so much clarity when the words are articulated as I have received them. Emphasis is important. There is always big love behind these massages.