Positive Affirmations to Change Your State

How Positive Affirmations Create Change Your State

Today I’d like to talk to you about how positive affirmations can change your state. Now, to To begin this I would like to read to you a message from the Universe on this subject.

“If you wish to do a good thing with your time, spend it in encouraging yourself. Tell yourself what you know, tell yourself who you are. Tell yourself how magnificent this life you have chosen is. Tell yourself the story you want to be living. Tell yourself the truth.”

I think that’s amazing. It just reinforces the fact that we have to tell ourselves the story we want to believe, we want to hear, we want to be living.

Sometimes I hear people complain about something. “This always happens to me”, or “I’ve always had this..” And I think well you keep saying that so, stop it! Say something different. Tell  a different story. Affirm something new.  You might be pushing the boundaries a wee bit but you can do it to yourself to begin with, if you think no one else is going to believe you.

We have to tell ourselves the story we want to hear about the life  we want to be living.

Say “I am successful. I am happy. I am a person who completes what they begin. I am satisfied with my life, I have great friends, I make good connections, I am successful in my endeavours, I am the person I have dreamed of being, I have the life of my dreams.”

Just try it and try to get lost in the feeling of what you’re saying because that’s vital. You need to say to yourself  “I love the fact that I’m successful in my work,  I love the fact that I’ve got green fingers. I love the fact that my children hug me. I love the fact that my husband brings me flowers” – give it a go!  It’s just that it’s really important that we don’t reinforce what we don’t want by saying what we don’t want. So, say what you do want. Reinforce it. Affirm it on a daily basis. And you’ll find that the energy around you will change accordingly. Good luck with it. Actually I don’t believe in luck, I don’t. I believe that output equals input. So thank you for your time and see you soon.