Positive Affirmations For Women – and how to make them work

Positive Affirmations For Women

The subject today is about positive affirmations and positive affirmations for women and how to make them work. I have a couple of things to say about that. One is that women do need encouragement. We desire and want encouragement and that’s good and important but in the spiritual or universal realm, in the essence of us, there is no gender so it’s good to bear that in mind. Anything really that applies to men also applies to women and vice versa. 

I have talked previously about positive affirmations and working your way through the alphabet finding the words that express what it is you want to affirm and that’s a good thing to do.  As a woman you might just want to say I want to feel appreciated, I want to feel beautiful, I want to be cared for or considered or all those kinds of things – you’ll know which ones are personal to you. So it’s good to sit down and write those out or print them out and read them from time to time because they help you to focus on what you really want. Here is a message from the  Universe that fits in with that. 

“ As you determine in your heart to  focus only on what you desire you will get closer and closer to it. There is no other way. Your power to create is in your choice of focus. Let everything else fall away beside you. Be resolute in your determination to focus on who you are and what you want.

So use your Affirmations to reinforce how you see yourself – not the gap between where you are and where you want to be but how you choose to see yourself so if you’re going to affirm be sure that you start with I Am.  I Am appreciated, I Am a beautiful, I Am considered,  I Am… and so on. Make sure the words speak to you and use them as a kind of mantra. The alphabetical idea is a great way to remember them actually. Because it’s alphabetical it’s easy and if you had to remember 26 words that didn’t didn’t follow in sequence that’d be a challenge, so try that and remember focus is all. 

One more thing, the ‘how to make it work’ part, is that when you write those words then have a look at them and see if you are those things for someone else. If you want to be appreciated, you have to appreciate, if you want to be considered you must consider others. That’s the way to make it work and it’s a very interesting test. Sometimes people might write down things that they want from a mate – you want them to be generous and caring or loving . Write all those things out then have a good long hard look at it and see if you are those things because you can’t have what you aren’t yourself. That’s the way it works. There is a flow that goes out from us and comes back to us. You must be the thing you want to see in your life.

Thank you so much. See you again at It’s Unlimited.