Personal Power and the Life You Want

How To Use Your Personal Power To Create The Life You Want

The subject today is personal power and how to use your personal power to create the life you want. I’d like to read you this message from the Universe on that subject.

“The are many elements required for you to see the manifestation of your desires – 

  1. Faith
  2. Being specific
  3. Non-resistance
  4. Feeling as you would if you already had what you want
  5. Being clear that you are a co-creator
  6. Understanding that this is not a passive role. 
  7. Appreciating and being grateful for all you have and this includes
  8. Stopping your criticism of everything and everyone.

In all of these matters can you see which ones you need to focus on.”

It is very interesting that all of these elements are required for us to fully walk in our own power. I’ll go through them again. Faith, you’ve got to believe it’s possible for you to do it. Being specific, not fighting against things. Being in the feeling place of already having what you want. Understanding that it’s not passive and that you are co-creating. Appreciating and being grateful for all you have already and this includes no more criticism of anything or anyone – and that’s a tough one something we have to look at all the time – watch ourselves, catch ourselves, stop ourselves, turn it around. In all of these matters, The Universe is saying, we can see which ones we need to focus on.

So, that’s how you power up, that’s how you change things. That’s how you realise that you are the one in the choosing seat, you are the genie, not somebody outside of you, not circumstances outside of you. We get to decide our state and we have the ability to to manage that and to utilise that and what that means which is to engage our personal power. It‘s really an exciting way to live and it’s only limited by the limitations we place on it ourselves, so think about that and I’ll see you again soon. Thank you.