Perfect Health – How To Move Into Health and Wellbeing

I was sorting messages for this program and the email messages that will be sent out when I came upon this one which I found very powerful. I feel I should post it now as I guess there is someone who needs to hear this today. 

“You know, because you have seen it, that there is a physical manifestation of spiritual unease. As you do your part in following where your individual light is shining, you will come into an easy alignment with yourself and you will move into wellbeing and health. Now, I have said spiritual and physical but you know you are one, so one affects the other. If you are out of line in your inner man, it will manifest in blockages in your life. These may show as  financial disharmony, relationship discord or your body will show the protest of your true self. There is no point in knowing something but not doing it. There is no point in asking for direction and not taking it. There is no point in opting for earthly excuses which simply show you are not in the place you say you are. You have not been prepared to step out so you have stayed stuck and your body has reaped the outcome. Do the thing you know you should do. How can you expect everything unless you are ready to receive it. While you hedge your bets you are not free to be whole and receive all.”

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