It’s a whole new year

So many exciting things on on the horizon this year, so close we can touch them. I’d like to tell you about all about it. We are posting The Word as audio messages to Tik Tok which is not just for teens, it seems πŸ™‚ – and also to Instagram. This gives me an opportunity to share The Words just as I received them, that is, with all the emphasis and intonation they were delivered with. I love it.

We have done lots of polishing and tweaking of our website so we can offer you the very best of all we do. When we seek something we want to hold that thing in our hand, to own it, to achieve something important by the pursuit. I know that these Words are an amazing guide to hearing what God is saying to us (God/The Universe being interchangeable terms). I don’t want them to be a prop for you. God wouldn’t want that for you. So, these Words must serve to take you to a place of recognising That Voice for yourself. You will pick up the themes and the underlying principles as you hear them, daily. Then you will see the consistency of the messages and That Voice will become clearer and clearer to you until whenever you hear a voice you will know if resonates with The Voice of your Source. You will become a recogniser of truth. And you know what they say about the truth – it will set you free.

Till soon

– M