It requires fearlessness to fly

I firmly believe we all have an inner radar, a monitor, a part of us that hears truth and recognises it. Sadly we have messed with this badly by second guessing it, arguing the point with it, by allowing others to tell us what to believe. Silly silly silly.
We can take back that power to tune into our inner guidance. But to do so it we must put aside a few things and open our minds up to uncluttered receiving. The most important thing is that we have to follow our intuitive leads when we get them. If we don’t then we dumb down out ability to recognise the voice that should be the clearest one to us.

I have seen it happen time and time again – people ignore their spark of knowing and talk themselves out of it because they are worried or concerned that if they step out, they might fall off the cliff. It’s a fear of the known, it’s a concern about security. Actually, I think maybe it’s all about that.

If you think about your own life you will recall times when you didn’t buy, you didn’t sell, you didn’t say yes, you didn’t say no, you didn’t stay, you didn’t leave. We all have times when we had an idea then we chose the other thing. Getting it right takes practice and it takes fearlessness. We make so many mistakes by following the many when we are only here to follow ourselves. What do you really have to lose if you were to commit to following your inner man’s leads? Think how your life might fly if you always did that? It’s food for thought.