Heaven On Earth – How Close Can We Get?

Today I’d like to talk about Heaven On Earth – How Close Can We Get?

I’m not a pie in the sky when you die kind of person. I mean, that’d be lovely but I’m more interested in getting a handle on this stint here on planet earth. This charming, pretty, earth-ball of ours that we have been given charge of. I want my life in this 3D time space continuum to be all it can be. I want to bring my Heavenly self to earth to rule on this planet. Sounds quite dramatic doesn’t it? Actually, I mean it. I see us as God men, who have come to dwell on our humble planet but I want to see us live here not as mere earthlings but as Godmen with all the unlimited power of the Universe at our disposal. So, I think we can get as close to heaven as we choose to. I know that these messages from the Universe declare us to be more than we have been led to believe. Let’s see what the Universe has to say about this.

You hold within your being the Unlimited. You hold the past and the future in your being. You hold the timelessness of time in your essence. Do you see where this is going…? You are The Divine. You came from The Divine and you will continue in The Divine. That’s heaven. This is earth. You have it all, you just need to discover that.”

Oh that’s fantastic. Thank you. What could I possibly add?