Hearing From God – He’s Really Quite Chatty

And today’s subject is Hearing From God – He’s really quite chatty. I want to say that we all hear from God in many and varied ways. Sometimes He seems quite chatty and sometimes He has seemed hard to get hold of. If you’re like me we are in a constant process of looking and wanting to be open to divine guidance. I have a message that was given to me on the subject of receiving these messages. I always try to reiterate that I am simply taking dictation and delivering what is being given to me by The Universe.

Many people write ‘on behalf’ of The Universe. I am not. I am delivering what I’m ‘downloading’. You can make your own judgment – that’s the great ability we all have – our inner guide. I am a determined believer that we all have a ‘clear as a bell’ inner guidance system – we’ve just never been that good at paying attention to it. I’m not really concerned if people think I’m spinning a tale or delusional even. If this is not for them, then they can find their answers somewhere else. I know with certainty that I am not here to convince or cajole anyone. This communication is for those who are  Seekers and they will recognise this Voice. So here is what The Universe had to say to me regarding delivering these messages. 

“Don’t give even a single thought to the paradigms you think others want you to work within. Just deliver what you receive and do not allow it to be coloured by any expectation of anyone – even yourself. If you do you will limit what you will receive and I think we are past that. Just because someone hasn’t yet seen or accepted something, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be spoken of. Stay open and this will just be the beginning. You wondered what the cutting edge of expansion was – well now you know because you are on the edge of it. It’s like opening up your mind not just to a narrow path in front of you but all around you like a sphere. You are in the middle of it. You are in Me.”

It’s altogether humbling. 

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