Daily Meditation – Q&A With The Universe

Daily Meditation Q&A with the Universe

Today’s subject is meditation.  I’m a person with lots going on in my head – a party actually, all the time and find it very hard to sit still. I do, however, meditate and I have an intention to live a meditative life, so I do it and I think that’s half the battle with a lot of things in life just actually doing it. Often I think we are meditating or in that meditative state more than we realise sometimes when we drive you you can be in that kind of zone,or when we are walking,  bathing. Pre-sleep can be in that kind of zone. When we wake up is one of  those times. Presleep and first thing in the morning are really important for setting your tone for the following day and your point of attraction. I have messages recorded on my phone, meditations I play when I wake up and when I go to bed and when I have time or space that I want to deliberately tune in to my inner self and tune out of everything else. 

Meditation is something we talk about a lot at the moment. It brings clarity and it brings calm. Those two things are really great qualities to have in our lives and we need them in the world we live in. I want to read you this message from The Universe because I think it’s lovely then I’ll come back to what I was going to say. 

“You can tell when you’re close to what you want when you feel a resonance inside your being like a tuning fork that sends a clear pure sound out, a sound of harmony and perfect pitch . The closer you grow towards becoming who you really are, the clearer everything will be to you.  you will look back on your days or confusion and fog and wonder at them.You have dispersed the fog and now you can see clearly.”

To me that sums up inner growth and mediation is a route to that.

I have always thought that prayer is asking and Mediation is getting the response. Lots of people do guided meditations. I like Joe Dispenza’s guided meditation and it’s life changing results. Peggy McColl does great meditations for prosperity and abundance. 

Sometimes it’s fine to drop off to sleep while you are listening to a guided mediation because it’s feeding into your subconscious. Don’t do this instead of though, do it as well as ones where you are fully awake..

So if you don’t meditate just make some time to.  Never see yourself as someone who isn’t good at it. Just say I meditate. It lines me up with my Self and makes me a better person.

I can tell when my children are meditating because they are calmer and more chill. The benefits of meditation speak for themselves.