How Positive Affirmations Can Change Your State – Alphabetically

How Positive Affirmations can change your state – Alphabetically.

The subject today is Affirmations and Life changing, life altering affirmations and in this particular instance I want to talk about  alphabetical affirmations. 

Sometime when I am travelling in the car and don’t have anything in particular to listen to or when I am feeling in a meditative mode or a mode where I’d like to raise my energy a bit or tune my focus so I play this kind of game in which I work my way through the alphabet choosing positive words to reinforce my state. So I just go through the alphabet and I have come up with a list of 26 affirmations that I am going to read to you now. This is not from the Universe – this is me. 

You can do this with any subject you like – it may be about a relationship or some situation you wish to improve. It may be with regard to your children or your spouse. It may be about finding a spouse or somebody important for you. It might be about friendship or work, your life or something you want to achieve. You just work your way through the letters of the alphabet and it helps you to explore the words that define the thing you are seeking in a particular area.

This one I’ve called Generic Alphabetical Affirmation

Alphabetical Affirmation

I am so thankful and grateful that 

I am Abundant in all areas of my life

I see Beauty and good in everyone and everything

I Collaborate with the Universe daily and

I am Divinely guided

Every day and in every way

I live in the Flow of  

Giving and receiving

I am Happy

and Irresistible to my highest good

I am full of Joy and

Always Kind

Love is my motivator

Money is my tool

I am Open to my greatest potential and I am

Prosperous in my 

Quest to live my best life

I am fabulously Rich and


I give Thanks that time is my friend and the 

Universe my partner

My Values guide me to 

Wealth and 

eXcellence in all I do

Life Yields the results I seek

Because I am a magnet with Zero limits


It’s very cool to see yourself like that and to remind yourself that all of those things are possibilities for you if you choose to focus on them and to call them into being. 

So next time you travel somewhere and you haven’t got a plan to listen to anything and you don’t have music on and you want to fix on something that is going to be great for you choose your subject and cast about for words that express what you believe and will take you through the alphabet to uplift and change your state. 

I find the more we repeat something, the more it becomes a part of us. Sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge to repeat something over and over again but I have found that works because it  changes our programming. Using these kinds of affirmations will change your state and that’s the key to changing everything.