The Fable about The Seekers

This little fable is really the starting point, I think, for our quest for more understanding of our place in the scheme of things. If we have a desire to know how life can really work for us so that we are in the choosing seat, not victims of every other influence around us, then we must be prepared to take time to look more closely at the workings and consequences of things. We must be thinkers and questioners and close observers of life. We must be seekers of what is best and highest. This has been my personal focus for a long time now and I have made some exciting progress in this endeavor. TAKE MY WORD FOR IT — EVERYDAY is the first step. A friend who has the book was reading it before bed and she said to me that when she woke up in the morning she felt positive about life in a new way. I couldn’t be happier to see such an outcome in even one person’s life.


The Fable         Truth or Fable The Seekers

Seekers 1Once upon a time, all the people of the land lived in a place called Earth. They lived as we live. They fought and loved and worked and played. And life was random in their eyes. They believed in a Being but they lived subject to the randomness of life. When they got sick, they prayed to be well. When misfortunes came, they huddled together for protection. Good things happened to bad people and bad things happened to good people. It was a mystery to them. They prayed some more. The Being was in charge and He knew best, they said. They waited for Him to speak. They called for Him to visit them again.


Seekers 2Once He sent His son. That was a most interesting time on earth. The Seekers loved the Son. There had always been Seekers – they prayed the most and they tried the hardest to be like the Son. There was a book the Being had sent – but it was hard to understand and it was full of mystery and very great randomness. The world was ruled by random. Some of the Seekers were not satisfied. They knew there was more. They felt they had a purpose even greater that just to be like the Son and live in randomness.


Seekers 3One day, a group of these Seekers climbed the mountain where no one went (why go there when you don’t know what’s at the top?) and they dedicated themselves to going up to the place none of them had seen before. They journeyed over dry and rocky land that was barren and difficult to navigate, but they kept their sights on their destination and they persevered.


Seekers 4Eventually they reached the glowing place at the top of the mountain. The Being was there. They could not see Him but they felt His presence and so they sat and waited for Him to speak. He told them of their true history. He told them of choice and power and love and purpose. He spoke of meaning and grace and His own qualities. And He told them that they were entirely responsible for everything that happened in their lives and that there was no randomness and that it was that belief had kept the people living their lives as slaves in confusion and weakness. He told them they created their own reality and that whatever they focus on, becomes so.


Seekers 5And as He spoke they saw the truth of what He said and invisible scales fell from their eyes and they stood to their feet. As they stood, even bigger, bark-like scales fell off their bodies into piles all around them. Underneath they had shining bodies which glowed and felt taller, stronger, more powerful. They stretched and flexed and felt a new, surging life in their limbs, emanating from their core. They looked at each other and smiled. They knew they had found Who They Really Were.


Seekers 6They knew that at the moment they had seen that nothing was random and that they were responsible for the creation of everything in themselves and in their world. In that moment, when they chose to accept that responsibility, their transformation occurred. The scales fell from their eyes and then their whole bodies and they became like the Son. They became magnificent beings, empowered and full of purpose and love.


In that moment they saw that they each had a talent and that within that talent lay their true purpose – they were on Earth to use the knowledge of Who They Really Were. They were here to serve one another.

Seekers 7