Take My Word For It
Take My Word For It

— the transformational power of positive words

The book series TAKE MY WORD FOR IT is about the transformational power of positive words. Carefully choosing the words you use, rather than using ‘old’ ones by default, can and does change your world.

What you think, you project; what you say has an effect; what you focus on is drawn to you. You can improve your life by choosing better words.

 Improve your life and relationships with positive words

Do you want to improve your relationships with the people in your life? Choose positive words in your conversations. Words have power… and if you use words that positively affirm, empathise and uplift, then you empower both the recipient and yourself. Yes — we can be happier and more successful people by using powerful and positive words.

Try it for a few days and see how you go. Take the first step in a journey of change for good. I guarantee that if you fill up your life with good things, there won’t be room for anything less!

You might like to start by reading the Fable of the Seekers.

 Books in the TAKE MY WORD FOR IT series


TMWFI -- Everyday

Inspirational Words for Every Day of Your Life.


TMWFI -- It's Love

An A-Z of Words on the Joy and Intricacies of Love.


TMWFI -- Love 101

101 ways to Succeed in the Game of Love.


TAKE MY WORD FOR IT — EVERYDAY is the first book in the TAKE MY WORD FOR IT series. It is a 365-day book of positive words.

The Transformational Power of Words

TMWFI -- EverydayClick here to buy now!

TAKE MY WORD FOR IT — EVERYDAY is a collection of powerful, positive words. You can actively create a better world by understanding that the words you use have power. Choose your words wisely as all the words you speak have a result. When uttered with intention and understanding, the power of positive words changes the world for good... starting with your own.

This book is based on the principle that the things we focus on are drawn into our experience, not what we want but rather what we actually believe. This book is all about the transformational power of the words we choose to use.

The words chosen have a dictionary definition first and then my take on how the word applies in this magnificent adventure we call life. So every day of every year, you can tune into a word that will infuse your life with new, creative energy.

You can step up, make a choice and action a change to transform your world with words.


Everyday JournalClick here to buy now!

The EVERYDAY JOURNAL is a personal version of IT’S EVERYDAY. It's the perfect place to keep notes and track your own progress.






“This is a brilliant and simple book that gives you the perfect resource to focus on to create an amazing life of choice. Make Margot's wisdom part of your every day personal growth and enjoy the wonderful and positive transformation.”
— Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Take My Word For It — Everyday is simply a guide to good living. A collection of good words, powerful words and great words that will create good, create power and create greatness in your life and the lives of those around you if you simply choose to dwell on those words, understand those words and speak those words as often as you may.”
— Martin Thomas, Author of ‘A Slice of Heaven’

“I read this book in the evenings on a daily basis and found the meaning of these words and focusing on the positiveness of the words gave me a sense of calmness and strength. On waking each morning, I felt enlightened and more positive every day.”
—Marianne Yager, Expert and Mentor in Mental Health and Well-Being


If Love is quantifiable in any way, I have attempted to quantify it alphabetically in the TAKE MY WORD FOR IT — IT’S LOVE series by using the inimitable, life-changing power of words.

Use these words to nurture the love you have or to watch it grow from a seed or maybe even to take new ground and find a new love.

Books in the IT’S LOVE series are the perfect gift for friends and family. Click here to buy copies for anyone you want to thank or encourage.

Try our Survey: On the Question of Love and Romance.



TMWFI -- It's LoveClick here to buy now

I began the pursuit of love-related words with 80 words all about love and romance. This became TAKE MY WORD FOR IT — IT’S LOVE . This book takes you alphabetically — beginning with a dictionary definition of the word — along a path of attracting the quality of love that we all seek.

IT’S LOVE is available in soft cover and kindle book here.

Here is an excerpt:


Informal interchange of thoughts, information, etc., by spoken words; oral communication between persons; talk; colloquy.

“Never, ever underestimate the importance of the art of conversation. It is our first and most obvious form of connection.
If someone isn’t talking with you, there is a reason. Everything that we see has come from something that is unseen. A kiss comes from a feeling. Touch also. Conversation comes from a desire to know someone and to be known. Conversing clears the air, it informs, it inspires, it reveals. It shares. It is what two people do. So do it.”


It's Love 101Click here to buy now

IT'S LOVE 101 is the third book in the TAKE MY WORD FOR IT series and offers 101 Ways to Succeed in the Game of Love. It will take you further into the magic of the mating game, to show you just how you can play to win.

Some time after writing IT’S LOVE, I woke up at 3.30 in the morning thinking of words like ‘Insanity’ and ‘Embrace’, and I realized there was more to say on the subject. So if you liked my first IT’S LOVE book, you’ll enjoy this next book in the TAKE MY WORD FOR IT series — IT’S LOVE 101.

I have used terms sometimes, rather than single words, all entirely focused on the subject of creating a better relationship and succeeding in the Game of Love. I may discuss a state of being — ‘falling in love’ or ‘terms of endearment’, for example. With a little instruction, a tip or two and a good deal of lightheartedness, you will discover how you can attract and nurture the love you desire.

Click here to buy this book on Amazon.


It's Love 102Click to buy now

There is, it seems, a great deal more to say on this very important subject of Love and Romance, so the story continues with TAKE MY WORD FOR IT — IT’S LOVE 102, even more ways to succeed at the Game of Love.


A Fishy Tale

A Fishy TaleClick here to buy now

In all of life, every beginning has an end — but at the beginning we do not always know what the end will be. Remember, if you go fishing, you may just catch what you hoped for.

“And the moral of the story is...?

a) Never drop a baited line if you don’t want to catch a fish.
b) Cut the fish loose or take it home for dinner.
c) There are plenty of fish in the sea but it’s not every day you find a mermaid.”


It's Love JournalClick to buy now

We have put together this journal to help you create a life of love and romance.

Each week we take something new to focus on — a word, a poem, a thought or a recipe to share.

Use your journal to make your own notes and record just how the power of positive words works in your life, and how your attitude can transform your relationship.



It's Love and It's a BusinessComing soon.

Email us and we will contact you when the book is available on Amazon.


It's Unlimited V1“Oh my goodness Margôt... YES!

These words ring through my body and arrived like a prayer at 5.55.
Thank you so much for sharing with me...

It is a huge heart expanding journey for me at present... and these
words a beautiful confirmation.” — Response from a recipient of a Word on 23 January 2013

Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 are now available on Amazon. Volume 4 coming soon.

I began a little while ago to write these Words down, wondering if I should and if I should share them, and why me and what they might be for.

I never for a moment doubted they were real. In my deepest self I recognized the truth of them. As I moved into ‘receive’ mode I noticed these Words I have received contain a wisdom beyond my own, as I don’t know what I’m going to write before I do so. The things I write are very often a ‘revelation’ to me as I write them – ideas I have never thought of myself. When the message has been delivered, I stop writing, until the next time.

I have discovered there is a theme that runs through them and I feel so good and so on track when I receive and read them. There is a lightness and an easiness about the message — a sort of you-do-your-little-bit and I’ll-do-my-big-bit from the Universe that encourages us to just relax and enjoy the process of life. I like it. It feels right and it makes perfect sense of our quest to know what to do with life, what kind of attitude to have towards everything, and how to recognize the right way forward for ourselves.

I truly feel this is a message from the Universe for me and perhaps for anyone else who should be led to hear or read it.

IT'S UNLIMITED — Personal Delivery

What if everything you were told about life’s limits was bunk? What if the Universe is, in fact, supremely logical? What if all the dots do connect? What if we are secretly super-beings with unlimited, unrestrained access to The Source of Everything?! Just imagine that.

In these messages, the Universe appears to be saying: just relax and enjoy. Tune in, pay attention, listen, then follow the leads you are given and it’s all going to unfold beautifully according to the Master plan.

This adventure called life can be an unbelievably exciting journey. We are connected to the Source of It All.

Remember, in these messages: The Universe = God = The Source = Who You Really Are.

If you’re a Seeker and want more on the meaning of your life, this is for you. TAKE MY WORD FOR IT — IT’S UNLIMITED: Personal Delivery is a free every day guide. Sign up now.

IT’S UNLIMITED: Personal Delivery are free daily emails and we want to keep it that way. If you would like to contribute, please donate here.

Feel free to pass these Words on. Share them, reuse them, but please acknowledge the Source.

As in all good things in my world — every good thing I have or am, I unreservedly attribute to God.
— Margôt de Cotesworth

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