Take 5 for Students: Beef and Coconut Curry

Take 5 ingredients


Take 5: Beef, curry powder, coconut cream, tomato paste, onion.

This curry was quite delicious, though I confess to not taking pictures at the early stages of making it. I had some frozen gravy beef and was busy doing other things, so I wanted something quickly put together for dinner – with, of course, only five ingredients.

Once upon a time, gravy beef was reserved for cats and dogs – but now we realise that beef cheeks, oxtail and some of these “lesser” cuts make fabulous eating, and perhaps there is no such thing as cheap meat anymore…?

Blog 70 - Ingredients

I broke all the rules and put my lump of gravy in my trusty cast iron casserole beef (mine was cut in slices, but cubes are ideal) – along with a couple teaspoons of hot curry powder, a can of coconut cream, and a couple tablespoons of tomato paste.

Lid on, this goes into a 170°C (338°F) oven for a couple of hours. Stir from time to time and turn the meat over. Check the seasoning and adjust as necessary.

You will know when the meat is done because it will be tender. Do not attempt to rush this, as you will not enjoy tough meat. Slice and fry onions in a splash of oil to serve on top of the curry.

Blog 70 - Served

I served my curry on rice and with chick peas, pumpkin and yogurt. I know it seems excessively lazy not to brown the meat, but my recipe didn’t even seem to require a lid-off period in the oven.

If your sauce gets too thick, just add a splash of water so that you have enough liquid to soak into the rice.