Retro Creamy Biscuit Log

Take 5 ingredients

300 ml cream

I packet chocolate chip cookies

3 tablespoons icing sugar

1/2 cup sherry

strawberries to serve alongside



This is a dessert from way back. It’s the easiest thing to make – it just needs time to soften before you eat it. This probably means overnight for best results.

I made this with chocolate chip cookies and dipped them in sherry, but you could also use ginger nut biscuits with ginger ale or ginger beer. You could even try coffee or milk.

Pour sherry in a shallow bowl (like a cereal bowl). Whip 300ml (10 fluid oz) cream and add icing sugar. Dip each biscuit into the sherry briefly, then sandwich to the next biscuit with cream. Continue until you have formed a log on a long plate. Cover the outside with the rest of the cream. Chill.

To step it up before serving, you could cover the top with chopped chocolate and toasted almonds – and/or (depending on how decadent you are feeling) melt some more chocolate and stir through some hot water to serve a pool of this sauce underneath a slice of log. Slice the log on an angle for best effect. Slice and serve strawberries alongside. If you like you could macerate them in icing sugar for a few hours which will produce a lovely syrupy effect.

Blog 78 - ST Biscuit Log

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