Sweet Things: Bread and Butter Hotcakes

Take 5 ingredients


Take 5: Bread, milk, eggs, self-rising flour, butter.

I have called these hotcakes because I made them for breakfast and we ate them with syrup, banana and bacon – but I think they may have been even better later when eaten cold alongside morning coffee, with jam and cream like pikelets.

Blog 69 - ST Bread

This is a great thing to do with leftover or stale bread – or even crusts that nobody wants to eat. Break up about 2 cups bread and soak in 1 ½ cups milk. Allow to sit for a bit so the bread softens.

Blog 69 - ST Frying

Put in a food processor with 2 eggs. Process before adding ½ cup self-rising flour, then stir till just mixed.

Pan-fry in butter and eat with whatever you are in the mood for.

Blog 69 - ST Served

You can use these as a base for savoury toppings as well – baked beans, scrambled eggs, etc.