A fun recipe for a batch hot scones… Turkish Delight Flower Butter

Take 5 ingredients

200 gm unsalted butter

3 Tablespoons icing sugar

4-5 large cubes Turkish Delight

Grated orange rind

Edible flowers

Take 5 and Cook


When confined to quarters as many of us are at the moment, it always seems a good time to cook. I consider myself the queen of no waste – I call it Lost and Found – so when faced with a little lockdown, my imagination comes out to play to transform the things in my fridge into something else.

I happened to have some lovely bright-coloured edible flowers leftover from a recent function that I cooked for. I thought about freezing the flowers in ice cubes but that seemed a bit predictable so instead I softened some unsalted butter – about 250 gms and whipped it till it was pale and fluffy with a couple of tablespoons of icing sugar. Then I roughly chopped 4 big cubes of Turkish Delight and whipped them through a little. Most of lumps remained but some little bits flicked off and mixed into the buttery mass. Next, stir through the flowers,  tip the mixture onto a double layer of plastic wrap and form a sausage shape using the plastic to assist.

I could have added more – grated orange rind, or rosewater would work well. Or I could have rolled the sausage in something like finely chopped pistachios. Chill the flower delight butter and slice as required. This butter will make a perfect embellishment for a batch of scones hot from the oven. Be sure to use a cutter the same diameter (or slightly bigger) as the roll of butter. I plan to invite my lady friends for tea when we are given the all clear for gathering. Some delicate sandwiches, china cups, and probably something in a glass that bubbles a bit…