This adventure in the Take 5 series, is about more impact for less cost. More dash for your cash.  More bang for your buck – we all know the terminology – now you are about to see it take shape on a plate.  In this case, less is more.

The best things in life need not cost an enormous amount of money.  I am not going to break this down to precise dollars and cents but I am going to show you how to make great food without great expense.

We don’t like to use words like poor, budget or cheap, so we are going to choose better words like fabulous, fun and easy.
It is possible to eat grandly on a shoestring.  All through history people have eaten well, without great cost – peasant food, country food, street food.  Take 5 on a Shoestring focuses on this real, traditional fare rather than manufactured, ‘fast’ or prefabricated food.  It’s about respect – for our bodies, our Earth, each other and the magic of great, simple ingredients.

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Paris in the kitchen

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