Transformational Power – Take Control Of Your Life

Transformational Power – Take Control Of Your Life

Do you ever feel your life is completely out of control? Do you ever wonder if you can really make of it what you’d like?

I think we all know how that feels. It’s a slightly sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. It’s time to do something about that. I want you to know that Take My Word For It – Everyday is for people like us who believe that their life should not be out of their control. It’s for people like us who believe they ought have the power to make a shift in their world and take back their control. Let’s explore the transformational power of positive words. I know that if you engage in this fully, you will positively transform your life. Actually, it’s Law. It’s guaranteed because what you focus on is what you get. So let’s talk about Transformational Power – and how to Take Control Of Your Life

Let’s talk about the word ABANDON

it means:-

To yield oneself without restraint.

We abandon ourselves in many ways — it’s part of our nature.
Abandoned to love, to music, to the taste of something delicious. In order to make a transformational change in our lives we must completely give ourselves over to it. This begins with a decision. If you have made a choice to take hold of this concept to transform your life with the power of positive words, you must then yield without restraint to this new commitment.
Abandon yourself today and begin your new journey. 

So, your mission today, should you choose to accept it is to take the word Abandon and all that means and use it – both the word and the principle. Think about what is worthy of requiring you to be abandoned to it. Is it the success of a relationship – with your children? With your mate? With God? Those three areas alone are worth abandoning yourself to. Get a notebook and write this word in it. Then write your choice of what you will apply it to and record your success. Next time, I want to talk about this notebook or diary and how that can help you get a handle on making great changes. Thanks for joining me. This might be a short blog but it has a single point for you to recall and implement. It’s up to you to take that on board and make the changes you choose for your life.

Very soon we will be launching our year long program for you to participate in that will coach you through this exciting process of deliberate and intentional transformation. I hope to see you there – Margôt