Transform Yourself – And Your Life.

Welcome to Take My Word For It – Everyday where you’ll discover how positive words can transform your life. A word like

ABIDE for example which means

To continue in a particular condition, attitude, relationship; to act in accord with.

Once your decision has been made to abandon yourself to this new, positive way of thinking and living, you must stay in that place – every day, all day. You must act accordingly. To affect real and lasting change you must fully immerse yourself in the state you desire. Think it, live it, walk in it. Abide in it.

This word abide has some synonyms 

adhere to

stick to

stand by

act in accordance with


I have quite strong, clear beliefs and life philosophies that I abide by. Some don’t take any effort but some do and it’s very important that we make decisions and agreements with ourselves, having chosen what we believe, and then stand by it. Have a think about what you deem worthy of this kind of commitment from you and then determine in your heart to abide by it. Get that little book of yours out – diary or notebook and write this word in and whichever definition strikes you most strongly and then make a note of your agreement with yourself regarding this. This little diary will be your coffee time book or the book you read before you go to sleep or when you wake up or when you are feeling grumpy!

It’s your book of transformation.

Thank you for joining me. I hope to see you at our upcoming Take My Word For It – Everyday program for a year of good things.