The Power Of Positive Words – Get A Diary

 The Power Of Positive Words – Get A Diary

Hello I’m Margot de Cotesworth. Welcome to TMWFI Everyday where you can transform your world with the power of positive words – but only if you try….

I hope you have a diary. I know we do so much on our computers these days but it’s a good thing to keep up your writing skills – lest we forget how. Personally I’m not always happy with journaling although many clever people do it with success. I prefer just to work on constantly updating my current thoughts and plans and a computer is great for this – delete and rewrite.

In this case though, for TMWFI – Everyday a diary is a perfect tool. Our program – should you choose to join us – is for a year which is the length of a diary  of course. The diary doesn’t even have to be year specific. And you can begin anywhere in the year to just start and work your way through for a full year. A note book will do if you number it. If you watch these videos you will get an idea of what our course is about but you won’t have all the great content that the program offers. You can still use these words and their amazing definitions and incorporate into your life the essence of what each word is about. Soon we’ll be able to direct you to the link  for the details of our special program. It’ll be such a rich resource and guide for you in this grand adventure to create the life of your dreams. 

Have a think about one superlative that you love the most. My personal one is “spectacular”. Pick yours and when you do, write it on the front of your Journal. It’ll remind you every time you see it that you are creating your Spectacular Life!

Thank you for your precious time and for joining me. Till next time.