Take My Word For It – Everyday

It’s a very exciting and creative time at Margot Unlimited. Take My Word for it – It’s Unlimited has become The Universe For 1000 Days and we have the most wonderful program being launched to bring these daily Universal Messages to you. Click on The Universe For 1000 Days tab to find more info and find us on Instagram.

Take My Word For It – Everyday is hatching a clever plan too. We will be offering a program of daily messages that will help you transform your world with the power of positive words. This amazing program will involve a great community of people on the same quest. There’ll be interviews from teachers, a monthly Q&A, and other great bonuses. Follow a taste of our content on Instagram @takemywordforiteveryday and stay with us for more.

Despite these rocky times, this is going to be a great year. We are all about Unlimited Inspiration and I guarantee – you’ll find that here. See you soon – M