Success In Life – How To Accomplish What You Want

Hello I’m Margôt de Cotesworth. Welcome to Take My Word For It – Everyday where you can transform your world with the power of positive words. 


It’s such a definitive sounding word. It means To bring to its goal or conclusion, carry out, perform, finish, complete, fulfil, succeed in doing, bring to pass, reach the end of.

There is power and satisfaction in this word. Today try to speak to yourself, in the present tense, about what you accomplish/about all that you accomplish.  Say “I accomplish all I set my mind to”, “I accomplish every good intention of mine”, “I accomplish…(whatever is important to you at this moment)”. In making this kind of statement to yourself, you will not only be reprogramming your mind, you will be changing your state – and that’s vital in order to make progress.

Take out your trusty journal and write a list of all you wish to accomplish. Pick a key desire and fix on that. Say “I have accomplished …….. (insert your desire) And I feel ………! “(insert your favourite superlative here). 

There is magic in these processes. Because I am a person who is always looking ahead, I sometimes have to remind myself that I have so much to be thankful for and take a moment to appreciate all I have accomplished to date. This is where self-talk comes into it’s own. Just go for it and rabbit on about all that you have done (there will be lots) and all that you have now and all that you plan to do. Mix it all up together because that means Universally speaking you are lumping your future accomplishments into the same energy of the ones that you have already achieved. It’s a kind of cosmic mind trick to pull the unseen into what is already accomplished.

Try and see how you go. In our program (coming soon) we cover one of these amazing words every day. You can see how you will be totally brainwashed ( in a good way!) into seeing the world differently, focusing differently and reaping the benefits differently. Thank you for your time. Subscribe to my channel at YouTube Margot Unlimited for unlimited goodness in life and love. See you there.