Powerful Words – If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

Powerful Words – If you can’t say something nice…don’t say anything at all. 

That’s a quote from a cartoon from way back. I don’t know if Thumper was the first to say that but we all seem to know the quote and what it’s trying to say to us.

This is step one in the process of turning our world from negative to positive. First we have to shut down our negative chitter chat that does nobody any good. Negative verbiage does not help us, it doesn’t help the other person and it doesn’t do anything for the ripple effect that inevitably works out from us and touches all around us. If we could see that our words are creative, we would take a little more care. 

Today I met a woman who spoke to her son on the phone in a really disturbing way. Her grandchild was also with her and she had animals in the house. She obviously cared for all these members of her family but the words and the things she said were not helpful or encouraging. It was clear to see that a generational way of being negative was well established. Who of us would want to create such a legacy? My point here is that there is cause and effect at play all the time. Everything we say, how we say it and the words we choose to use all have an effect. Look at your life and ask yourself if the effects you see are good? 

It is quite a job to change the habits of a lifetime. Very often we don’t even recognise what we are doing. The answer is the ‘how to eat an elephant’ thing – just take one bite at a time as you would with any seemingly enormous task. As you continue to pay attention to what words you choose, you will establish an awareness and over time it will become easier. You will become more and more aware and you will catch yourself and hold your tongue while you think of a better more uplifting thing to say. Start today and try and hold back on saying something unhelpful or negative. Try and do it once a day. That’s progress. That’s sharpening your awareness. That’s good.