Positive Change – Why You Shouldn’t Give As Good As You Get

The phrase ‘give as good as you get’ is such an interesting one. We know it means to hit back with equal force but isn’t it interesting that we use the word “good” in such a way – a completely negative way. 

What I do want to say about this phrase is that it is worth considering that we in fact ‘get as good as we give’. So, instead of hitting back to match what your opponent is throwing at you, think about this phrase as being about receiving as much good as you are giving. When someone is on the attack verbally and not easily reasoned with, don’t hit back. Think of the best in them, the things you admire, their good qualities and try to say only positive things in response. If this is not your usual method of conflict resolution, try it for a change as a kind of exercise to see if the outcome is any different. I think you’ll find it is. And, if you feel you must have the last word make sure it’s a worthy one.