Positive Change – How To Achieve A Different Outcome

If you feel that in your relationships – (and that’s really what life’s all about – our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with others) that you feel like you are rerunning the same negative script, try changing it.  Before you meet or speak to the person who you expect conflict from or an unsatisfactory interchange, decide how you would like the conversation to go and run it though in your head. You must let your imagination have full reign and walk yourself step by step through your desired outcome. 

See them smiling at you and nodding. You, of course, are smiling and nodding at them. In your imagination hear them say what you would most like to hear. This is not about manipulation so be careful about that. This is about goodwill and expectation of a happy result – for both parties. The old adage to put yourself in the other man’s shoes is such a good one. We need to be aware of what makes people behave the way they do. Very often it’s something we can sympathise with – fear or insecurity for example. Be kind. Be generous. Be the best you. You could begin by saying something disarmingly nice to them. Use one of more of your best positive words such as “I really appreciate you” or “I’m grateful for all you do for me”. These words work like magic when you use them with meaning and intention.