Great Words – How Using Certain Words Will Change Your State 

 Today let’s talk about the word   ABSOLUTE 

Absolute means Free from imperfection, restriction or limitation; complete, perfect, positive, unrestrained, ultimate, unconditional.

I am just mad about these words. Absolute has got to be a favourite. I think sometimes when we are weighed down by the stuff of life we can be tempted to throw such words as this out the window because they can seem unattainable, impossible even. This word Absolute is from the Latin ‘to set free’. If you feel that being perfect, unrestricted, unlimited, complete, positive, unrestrained, ultimate and unconditional is foreign to your reality, remind yourself that you, alone, have the power to see these absolutes and then to establish them in your mind, and life. Don’t worry about how big a leap it is from where you are to where you want to be. Apparently it is impossible to be sad if we smile (genuinely of course). Apply this same principle by just saying these words to yourself and watch it change your state. Give power to those words and roll around with them. Say I AM free from imperfection, restriction or limitation; I Am complete, perfect, positive, I Am unrestrained, ultimate, unconditional.

And then say them all again. Pick your favourite and make it your pet for the day. Take it with you – to work, on a walk, as you go about your day. Own that word. Assimilate it. It will change your state. The power is the intention and the energy behind the word. Let it change you. If you give it power, it will do its job. It will change your state and so, you and your life. Take My Word For It – Everyday.

Thank you for your precious time.

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