Good things are coming

We often think we have to wait for everything to be perfectly in place before we launch ourselves forth in pursuit of whatever it is we’re after in life. But sometimes waiting just keeps us trapped in a cycle of waiting. I am an expert in such matters 🙂 What are we waiting for?

I have many plans for good things which have been sitting in the wings and they have decided not to wait anymore. We only live once. Life is short and precious. And as my father used to say “time is of the essence” which probably has a deeper metaphysical  meaning than he was thinking of at the time – essence being such a great word.

So, I’d like to tell you about a couple of things that are happening that closely relate to Take My Word For It – Everyday. One is RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy. If you have things in your life that you need to fix, if you need to push the reset button then RTT can do it and I can show you how. For more click here.

Secondly, I have written a little book which I am now on a mission to give away to a million people. Yes, that’s right. One million. It’s an ebook with a terribly important message. It’s called Tell A Different Story. It’s being formatted now and the logo is being designed by my son who has a gift for such things.

The third thing that can wait for no man is The Ball’s In Your Court. This is such a fantastic concept. I want us to begin a movement of awareness that one good thing done every day by each one of us will tip the scales and change the world for good. Watch for the upcoming tab called non-profit on this website and you will see more of what this is about and how you can join a wave of change for good.

Good things really are coming.

Join me,