Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a great time to have a look at your existing relationship and give it a little tune up.
If you would like to be sent our top ten tips for a great love relationship email us and we’ll send that to you. Here’s a taster to put you in the mode.

Take 5 – Taste, Touch, Smell, See, Hear
Think about your five senses then find a way to engage them with your other person. Touch them. See – really see them. Hear them or tell them something you want them to know. Something meaningful so they hear you. Taste them (generally kissing covers that…). Breathe them in through your nose – the essence of them, the familiar smell of them, share the air they breathe. After these 5 senses you’ll be primed to find some more senses not covered here. I watched a movie recently in which the couple were at counselling. They were advised to take time to embrace three time each day. It’s a very good thing to do to keep your connection strong.

Find The Romance
Make your life together romantic. Make dining, walking together, sitting together romantic. Shake out your clever imagination and make your life together romantic. If you have chosen well, this will be a natural way of being together. Input = output. If you want romance don’t sit around waiting for someone to make the magic for you. Get started yourself. Start by simply lighting a candle – at the dining table, when you are lounging, in your bedroom. Make your romantic contribution. Try just adding one deliberate romantic moment each day. That, alone, could change the whole year ahead till the next Valentine’s Day.

To Love.