How can the words you use change your love life? 

It’s vital that we are aware of both what we project and what we expect. These two things are inextricably linked. If you plant a pumpkin seed, there is no point in waiting for an apricot to pop up. It’s never going to happen. What you plant, or sow is the same as what you will reap. It is impossible for it to be anything else. This is a Universal law. It is also a law of love. You cannot project one thing and get back something different. That means that if we look closely at our lives and the results we have then we did something to get what we’ve got. Sometimes this is an unhappy observation. Not only do we not like what we see but we cannot abide the thought that somehow we were responsible for it. There is a good thing about this fact though and that is, that if we created something, that means we were able to do so and we can change it. We have that power. 

If your love life isn’t what you want, you have the power to change it and you can change it by what you think, the words you use and the stories you tell. This will change the outcomes you have been receiving to date. This can and will turn your life around and here’s how to do it.

  1. Listen to yourself

Stop and listen to yourself speak. Every time you say a negative thing like “I just can’t find the right woman for me” or “all the good men are already taken” or “I always pick the bad ones” you are attracting more of it. You must stop this sort of talk immediately! Let’s rewrite those statements. “ I know the right man/woman for me is on his way”, “out of all the men/women in the world, there is one fabulous one for me” and “I have the ability to recognise and choose a perfect match for me”. Can you feel the different energy behind those statements? What we say attracts or repels what we want. You get to choose what you say and what you say will attract or repel what you want. Learn to tell a different story. If you had a genie who was listening to you and gave you everything you said – you’d choose your words very carefully. The Universe is your genie.

May I suggest you work on this for a week and monitor how your life goes.The words you use can change your love life.

To love!

– Margôt