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From Blogs to Articles

I hope you are enjoying our updated website. I most certainly am. We have grown up from mere blogs to what we’re now defining as articles. These, you are welcome to repost or publish with acknowledgement that they are margotunlimited originals.

I will also use this spot sometimes to talk about what’s new on the horizon for us as we develop all the good things we have in the pipeline for you. Do keep an eye on our upcoming events – online programs, free mini-classes, our powerful healing retreats and more.

My article below is one about making miracles in our lives. It explains how to use a very simple technique that will help you to manage your state when you feel anxious or overwhelmed with any challenge in life. Do try it and let me know how it works for you.

How To Make A Miracle of Your Life.

This is a 40 day project to making miracles. Not just any miracle but a miracle you choose, you know — the one that weighs on your heart, that thing you really want — the house, the job, the girl, that big, unconditionally accepting smile from that person who will not show you love. This is the miracle to unblock the seemingly unblockable thing that feels outside of your control, that you haven’t been able to shift.

If you have a big anger you are holding against somebody and you haven’t been able to let it go. Perhaps you don’t even want to let it go. That’s ok. Just do this anyway. It could be the man who did you wrong, the person who cheated or lied or worse. It could be something from the past that has its chains around your feet, your head or your heart. You know what your issue is and what miracle is required. Good, so we have that part sorted.

I want to talk about gratitude. We know it’s good for us, we know it’s good for the other person or the situation but in fact gratitude has a super power that we haven’t realised. Picture this. If you could — without effort or force — change the way you feel about something (the despicable person for example) and therefore unravel their hold on you, wouldn’t you do it? Or, if you could pull something into place or into being that looked like a miracle, would you say “yes please”?

It seems to me there are two things here. One is that we want to have something and one is that we want not have something. You pick for you. This Miracle project is based on a book called Make Miracles in 40 days by Melody Beattie who says she has been doing this successfully since 1978. If you don’t care for my version, you could buy the book and try hers as mine is slightly simplified and a bit different.

Melody does suggest doing this miracle project with a buddy. If you have a nearly perfect person in your camp and you can do this with that’s great. It is rare to find someone you can share everything with, without fear of judgement or at the very least heavy opinion, so you can do this project alone. A miracle might happen in a flash or it may take longer but the idea is that by day 40 you are seeing so much progress that you don’t want to stop. Miracles for life! I love it.

You must do this exercise for 40 days. About 10 mins every day so if you don’t want to commit to that, stop reading now and off you go and stay with the status quo.

You must have in mind you what would you wish for as if your personal genie would grant that wish for you — one thing he would fix, that thing you haven’t been able to fix yourself.

We are not going looking for other bad stuff. You will find that things that need tending will just float up to be soothed. We are going to just begin with the one thing you wish for. That’s what we are here to change. You will, every day for 40 days (more or less as required) focus on the one thing you have chosen. Don’t fixate on it, just do this exercise every day and let it go. As you are meditating on the subject, you will most likely find that other things come into your awareness. Treat them the same way then let them go too. Here is what you to do:

Say “I am so grateful that the pain/loss/fear/lack/anger/disappointment (whichever applies for you) of………..(whatever the situation is about) is not greater than the joy/relief/abundance/love that I feel about ……….(Whatever the silver lining is)

Here are some examples and then you can write your own using the above framework and keeping the parts that are bolded.

I am so grateful that the pain I feel at the loss of my husband is not greater than I joy I feel at having shared so much of my life with him.


I am so grateful that the anger I feel at the betrayal of my friend is not greater than my belief that I will have many more close friendships in my life.


I am so grateful that the fear of being lonely is not greater than my unshakeable desire to have a life full of friends and family.


I am so grateful that the lack that has riddled my past is not greater than the unlimited possibilities for abundance in my future.

Do you see how there is a sort of satisfaction in voicing the bad thing and then there is relief and a shift in you when you say that the bad thing is not greater than the strong belief (or even the glimmer of hope) for the good thing. If you focus on how you feel when you make this statement, you will feel that upward lift in your energy — and that is opening the door for your miracle.

Write out your statement. You will know it very well as the 40 days progress. Say your statement and then you must sit with your statement and just allow any thoughts to permeate upwards in you. And as little unhappy things or things that rub you the wrong way float into your mind you will address them and put them in the special statement. You will say “I am so grateful that” (mention the thing and how it makes you feel) then say ”is not greater than” and insert the thing that is the flipside or upside or the counter to it.

For example I am so grateful that the sick feeling I have in my stomach when I think of how my partner treated me is not greater than the joy I have in the beautiful children we made together.


I am so grateful that even though I feel crushed that I was fired from my job this feeling is not greater than knowing I will have another opportunity to flourish in my work and be recognized for it.


I am so grateful that though my treasures have been stolen, the awful feeling of being robbed is not greater than acknowledging the real treasures of my life — the things that can never be stolen.

You are opening yourself up and allowing your mind to deliver to you anything that needs clearing and releasing. When I did this the first time, I was driving and a surprising number of little annoyances popped up. I just spoke to each one and put it though the gratitude filter. It felt good. Do not dwell on them. Just speak to the situation and let it go.

After 10 mins, you’ll have done enough till the next day. But if anything comes up during the day you can use your “I am so grateful” statement and add the positive twist. Even if you can’t think of a positive, I always think humour is a great way to respond to many negative things in life. You can be extreme and exaggerate because it makes you smile and that in itself lifts your state. You can say “ I am so grateful that even though I was so furious when she said that thing to me, I’m so proud that my desire to hurl that cake at her was not greater than my self control.”

Do you see, it changes your state and it doesn’t allow you to lean into the negative thought so that it becomes a negative state. That’s you managing yourself and your state for your benefit.

I’d like to suggest you can use this with your special other person as well. When they do something that upsets you, try saying. I am so grateful that even though we don’t always agree, our differences are not greater than the happiness you bring into my life. That will instantly diffuse a situation and it will soften their attitude to you because you are stating how much you value them and saying that that is more important than whatever the incident or point of difference was. Try it and see how you go. I suspect all the fight will go out of them and they will mirror the same conciliatory sentiment to you. 

That’s all I have to say on the making miracles project. Let me know how this works for you ([email protected]) when you have achieved your miracle you can work on another. Use this process to keep you in the control seat of your life so you are never subject to any negative influences, people or circumstances around you. What a great thing it is to be in charge of your own world, to decide what will bother you and what won’t, to make conscious, deliberate choices to always be above circumstances and never subject to them. That’s how we are designed to live. That is living on our own terms.

With that kind of power in your hands, your life will be a miracle.